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If the guy was really serious he would have either text you and thanked you for the best date in a long time, and kept in contact with you. ----------------------------------------------------------------- It's tough! For instance, cancelling a date then setting up another one (and making it) is one thing, but they don't, they just cancel...

And asked you for your email address , as he might feel better asking you lots of question that he would be embarrased about asking in person! I`m 59 and out most nights at weekends, helping women all over this city enjoy themselves, by selling them liqueurs to help their parties go with a slurp, bottoms up. So it leaves you wondering where you sit with them. everyone wants that wow factor from the getgo or its 'just not worth it'.

And almost half of women won’t put out until five dates in. ) of all men surveyed are happy to do it straight away. Perhaps you should stick to reading the West Australian..we're being trained as journalists they teach us to write at an 8th grade level for guys like you. The attractive blokes around town are never short of 'first date' options in Perth.

Interesting figures, but they don’t explain the problem. However the attractive women can seem too intimidating for the 'average' guy or men assume they are taken.

If you have had trouble meeting men, I want you to ask yourself if you've really done enough on your part to meet them. Do Your Research: The next thing to do is to do a little "homework." Do some research and find out what things are going on and available in your area. Don't choose things you have no personal interest in just because you think there might be men there to meet.

Just like I tell singles of any age, your perfect person is not just going to show up at your doorstep one day with flowers and a bottle of wine in hand. So I want you to ask yourself if you've done enough. Have you gone on a great online dating site, wrote a really good profile and started contacting some men online? You will not only have more fun, but will also be most successful meeting people, when you are enjoying your life and creating good energy. Make A List: So, I'm challenging you right now to put together a list. You won't believe what is waiting out there for you!

A cute Frenchman friend of mine who has recently arrived in this city lamented the lack of dating ability of Perth women. While the figures give some interesting insight into the minds of single people, they hardly hand out all the answers.

Or a global phenomenon brought on by the loss of dating etiquette and tradition so that nobody knows what the hell should be happening when? Fast Impressions dating service recently conducted a survey of Perth singles.I just think that you've been frustrated, and you've let that get to you. Sure enough, after two and-a-half months she did meet a doctor. : Now that we've talked about your mindset, had you do some research and even had you make a list, the only thing left to do is to actually get yourself out there and start meeting people. It's all about pursuing what you want and taking the steps to get it. Don`t sit around waiting for the guys, you girls, get out there and party with your friends. Daile is 100% right Peptalk, I am also completely flummoxed as to why there are so many lovely, intelligent women in Perth who have not been able to find a suitable match. But I think there has always been this level of discord between the sexes and their expectations, but we are the first generation that is willing and able enough to not settle for the first one to come along.they are usually the ones introduce you to your next partner! An old lady once told me that the divorce rate, and the number of unmarried people, would have been just as high back in her young days if women had had a real choice.A big change from the days where women sat waiting by the phone. I've been wondering what's up in Perth with the dating scene since I moved home from London in 2006 and things seem to be getting worse, not better.