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Após ver uma fotografia em que sua mãe, de 85 anos, aparece colocando notas de dinheiro na sunga de um stripper, o americano Franklin Youngblood abriu um processo contra a casa de repouso East Neck Nursing Center, em Nova York.Youngblood descobriu a fotografia durante uma visita à sua mãe, Bernice.O processo contra a casa de repouso acusa seus funcionários de contratar strippers para "o perverso prazer e contentamento dos funcionários".

Stemming programs are commonly referred to as stemming algorithms or stemmers.

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"Bernice Youngblood vive há 85 anos como uma mulher trabalhadora e tradicionalmente batista...

E agora ela foi denegrida", disse John Ray, advogado de seu filho.

It's easy to let the time slip and get to the of your week wondering where it all went. I was sick and tired of what a hassle it is living in New York City. Warm-Up Breathing Stand with your back against a wall, heels touching, and inhale, reaching arms...

So when myself and Huff Post reporter Laura Stampler decided to try out a... via photopin (license) I was at my breaking point last night.

The first published stemmer was written by Julie Beth Lovins in 1968.

This paper was remarkable for its early date and had great influence on later work in this area.

New York City strippers are speaking out against what they say is unfair treatment at the hands of club promoters and managers.

With the rise of "bottle girl" bartenders in the city, dancers say they're dealing with unfair treatment, including insufficient pay and racial discrimination, the Washington Post reported .

This was such a difficult task because there are so many good ones out there, but here are a few...