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More important, watching them had given us the deadly confidence that we could do it, too.Not long after, I was at a summer concert with friends when a Russian girl with beautiful gray eyes sat across from us. A breakdown of their game The Simple Pickup trio look like generic Los Angeles 20-somethings: Kong is 6 feet tall, with coarse black hair and broad shoulders; Jesse is a scrawny Indian-American with a toupee haircut, who likes pulpy orange juice and screenwriting; Jason is Caucasian, but with a Hispanic tinge, and has two nicknames, either "The Pudgy One" or "JDGAF" (Jason Doesn't Give a F*).

I was sitting on a fold-out couch, wearing only my boxers, when Daniel's email popped up.There was no subject line, just a simple You Tube link.In July, one fan commented, "pick up girls acting completely gay, if you guys can do that hell I will call you guys my Gods." The next week, they donned booty shorts, neon tank tops and rollerblades, and picked up 11 numbers.Drawing inspiration from viewer comments, they wear absurd outfits or take on challenges to inject every video with more personality.Girls are very forgiving that way." Besides, what's more important is the foundation: a pitch-perfect tone that's challenging, nonchalant and always loud, clear and pithy.

It also helps to have their body language: head held high, strong and confident -- and at the same time, displaying an almost professional sort of disaffection as well, with a shadow of a slouch and laconic, measured smiles.

That's the goal of Simple Pickup: to get numbers.

Their videos show a subsection of all the numbers they've gotten.

But as a metric to measure Simple Pickup's reach, it doesn't tell the entire story.

What's really important -- and where Jason, Jesse and Kong shine in a way no other pickup artists of their kind have -- is engagement with the audience: They read every single viewer comment (there have been over 38,000) and use the spiciest for inspiration.

Over the next hour, I watched all seven videos on Simple Pickup's channel, each three times over.