Synonyms for the word intimidating

Erratic, devious, di- vergent, incontinuous, desultory, dis- connected, wandering, idiotic, incon- sistent, inconsecutive, abnormal, ex- ceptional. Continuous, rectilineal, true, consistent, uniform, consecutive, nor- mal, natural, faithful, regular. Wandering, diver- gence, deviation, desultoriness, ram- bling, disconnectedness, hallucination, inconsecutiveness, idiocy, insanity, ex- ception, abnormity. Uniformity, consecutiveness, continuity, connectedness, principle, law, order, type, norm, project, line, tenor, progression, rectiliuearity, reg- ularity. Suspension, reser- vation, dormancy, expectation, inter- mission. Revival, renewal, operation, resuscitation, action, enjoyment, pos- session, exercise, force.

Strong, powerful, clever, skillful, talented, capable, fitted, effi- cient, effective, learned, gifted, mas- terly, telling, nervous, vigorous. Weak, inefficient, unskillful, silly, stupid, incapable, ineffective, unqualified. Washing, purifica- tion, cleansing, abstersion, defecation. Aid, support, promote, countenance, uphold, assist, instigate, encourage, incite, advocate, sanction, subsidize, embolden. Thwart, contradict, obstruct, oppose, baffle, confound, discourage, disapprove, disconcert, counteract,de- ter, dissuade, frustrate, impede, de- nounce, expose. Supporter, advocate, instigator, promoter, assistant, com- panion, accomplice, ally, encourager, associate, adviser, confederate, par- ticfjis criminis, coadjutor, accessary, helper. Opponent, connteracter, foe, adversary, detector, baffler, antago- nist, disconcerter, dissuader, rival. The author believes that the Antonyms will be of as great assistance in furnishing words of opposite meaning as the Synonyms in supplying synonymous words. Backwards, rearwards, aft, abaft, astern, behind, back. Onwards, forwards, ahead, be- fore, afront, beyond, afore.

This work is designed to aid students, literary men, public speakers and others, in finding the best word to express the thought they wish to convey. Leave, forsake, de- sert, renounce, cease, relinquish, dis- continue, cast off, resign, retire, quit, 1 forego, forswear, depart from, vacate, surrender, abjure, repudiate. Pursue, prosecute, undertake, seek, court, cherish, favor, protect, claim, maintain, defend, advocate, re- tain, support, uphold, occupy, haunt, hold, assert, vindicate, keep.

Degraded, outcast, mis- erable, vile, pitiable, worthless, des- picable, groveling, fawning, squalid, base-minded, slavish, beggarly,servile, cringing, low, wretched, sordid. Honorable, dignified, eminent, exalted, esteemed, worthy, venerable, noble, princely, illustrious, independ- ent, self-assertive, self-reliant, vain, arrogant, insolent, haughty.

Renounce, deny, apos- tatize, discard, recant, disclaiir, disa- vow, repudiate, revoke, retract, dis- own. Profess, assert, demand, vindi- cate, claim, cherish, advocate, retain, acknowledge, appropriate, hug.

Retain, maintain, claim, occu- py, assert, grasp, seize, usurp.

Abstraction, sub- traction, deprivation, ablution, rape, seizure, appropriation. Addition, adduction, replace- ment, restitution, restoration, surren- der, reinstatement.

Home, stay, placa, resi- dence, domicile, habitation, lodging*. Destroy, eradicate, in- validate, make void, obliterate, extir- pate, abrogate, annul, subvert, cancel, revoke, quash, nullify, overthrow, an- nihilate, supersede, suppress,expunge. Support, sustain, cherish, pro- mote, continue, confirm, restore, re- pair, revive, reinstate, enact, institute, re-enact.