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The story goes exactly the way that you’d expect a “how did you meet story” from Tami to go.

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We wanted similar things in life and figured we would navigate young adulthood together. Megan: We met in college, but like so many young adults, we spent our 20s figuring out who we are as individuals and putting education and careers over the relationship.

My husband and I were and still are best friends, and our relationship has always been based on mutual respect. As it turned out, we don’t share the same priorities in life.

Dating apps can be terrifying – you are expected to get to know someone, maybe close enough to date or maybe just close enough for a rendezvous (whatever’s your style), with no sarcasm font and no body language. I was going to go through a week of matches asking the potential suitors only taboo questions. They just didn’t shy away One suitor in particular really kicked my little experiment up a notch.

Saying the right thing becomes incredibly important when words are all you have. By asking all the probing queries that we avoid in that initial encounter, I was preparing myself for the biggest backlash, the most dramatic “whoa, who do you think you are—we just met! There was no question I asked that didn’t eventually lead to a conversation with someone.

My fellow editor Tina Herman and I had a lot of fun putting together the editors' note for September, so I wanted to share with you our own personal perspective on relationships, from two different places in life: Megan: Well, I’m single.

My boyfriend and I broke up, and according to "Don’t wait for marriage" (pages 18-22), I’m destined to be a spinster or divorced because the best marriages start when you’re young.Hazel also dished on her own dating experience and decided that she and Keonna need to go out on the prowl together as each other’s wingwomen.SIGN UP FOR ABLETHRIVE Creating an account with Able Thrive is FREE and easy.After it became clear as day that the homies weren’t going to end their boo-fest anytime soon, Tami and Reggie gave in and started talking.Their relationship progressed and boom, here they are in love and looking for surrogates.|(" B ")|.)","ig"),it=function(t,e,n),rt=function();trycatch(ot)function at(t,e,i,r)function st()function lt(t)function ut(t)function ct(t,e)function dt(t,e)function pt(t)function ht(t)function ft(t)function mt(t)n=at.support=,o=XML=function(t),p=Document=function(t),at.matches=function(t,e),at.matches Selector=function(t,e),at.contains=function(t,e),at.attr=function(t,e),at.error=function(t),at.unique Sort=function(t),r=Text=function(t),i=at.selectors={cache Length:50,create Pseudo:lt,match: K,attr Handle:,find:,relative:,pre Filter:,filter:,pseudos:(t);p.find=v,p.expr=v.selectors,p.expr[":"]=pseudos,p.unique=v.unique Sort,p.text=Text,XMLDoc=XML,p.contains=v.contains;var b=match.needs Context,_=/^]*|#([\w-]*))$/,x=init=function(t,e);x.prototype=p.fn,j=p(S);var E=/^(? : Until|All))/, C=;p.extend(),extend();function O(t,e)p.each(,function(t,e));var A=/\S /g, M=;function P(t)p.