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Addressing questions over whether the airline could be stripped of its licence, he said: 'Those are big words.'We're talking about a range of sanctions that at the moment are economic ones.'The most serious sanctions can reach some four million euros but it's up to the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency to determine the level of seriousness.' 'The vast majority of these requests are being dealt with online, but as our call centres and chat lines are extremely busy we ask affected customers to bear with us as we do everything we can to respond to their requests and try to resolve any problems we have created for them, for which we again sincerely apologise.' Boss Michael O'Leary appears not to have spoken since Monday's extraordinary press conference where apologised for the 'mess' his company had caused customers.

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Serious flight crew unrest exists with the possibility of crew action against company, including mass sick days and working to rule.

'Pilot's are sick of threatening management conduct.

But he told a state radio station the most likely scenario would be a fine as he ruled out the possibility the airline would be stripped of its licence.

Spanish TV network Intereconomia, highlighting a widely-quoted 4.5 million euros (£3.98m) figure as the size of the fine Ryanair was likely to face, described it as 'irrisory'.

Michael O'Leary fabricates his pilots are well treated - if that's the case why do they all leave so fast - 719 in the past year' - a figure used by unions.

Ryanair passengers are reporting problems with the process of refunds or compensation for cancelled flights, saying information supplied by the airline is incorrect and calls are going unanswered.

The airline has cut a total of 514 flights into and out of Spain over the next six weeks, around a third of the 2,100 total.

Spain's Development Minister Inigo de la Serna said it was up to the Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency to determine the type of sanction Ryanair should face.

'Lena Heritage wrote: 'Please let me know how we can contact you!

You emailed us two days ago to notify us that our flight home from Barcelona has been cancelled, instructing us to sign in to our account to rearrange an alternative flight.'We have since been stuck in a constant loop of being asked to verify our account and being asked to change our password.'We've not been able to get through on the extortionately-priced phone line (repeatedly in a queue then eventually cut off).'Birinder Singh Tiwana posted: 'I applied for refund and compensation by filling a form on their website and got a customer reference number of seven digits via email which does not work on their complaint tracker system.'I tried to chat to their agents about this but the agent had no answer and disconnected the chat instead.'Mail Online has been inundated with calls and emails from customers who have been left stranded, broke and bereft because of the airline's cancellation crisis.

Pilots and First Officers have been promised up to £1,200-a-day if they fly when they are meant to be on holiday over the next six weeks.