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The indecency of Mc Carthy was further exposed when ABC and Du Mont aired gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Army-Mc Carthy hearings in 1955.

There was another bright spot in the development of network news programs.

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A quick primer on the highlights of American TV history, and the legends who shaped it.

(Highlighted links will take you to The Interview's curated in-depth oral histories and TV show pages.) Birth of Television to The Dawn of Networks (1800s-1939) HAL KANTER, Comedy Writer Television was never one person's vision -- as early as the 1820s, the idea began to germinate.

On a Sunday night in 1954, Murrow and his associates put their careers on the line to take on Senator Mc Carthy.

The See It Now broadcast turned the tables on the Senator and acted as a political mallet.

City water levels dropped during commercials, stores closed early. As networks raced to provide content for the popular new medium, many radio stars and shows attempted to make the transition to television -- Burns and Allen, The Jack Benny Program, The Shadow, Fred Allen, and Fibber Mc Gee and Molly.

Television News Finds Its Way (1950s) DAVID BRINKLEY, News anchor In 1949, a young girl named Kathy Fiscus fell into a Los Angeles-area well.

In 1951, NBC programming head Pat Weaver conceived Today as a news and entertainment wake-up show called Rise and Shine. But the events that loomed on the horizon in the 1950s made the show into one of the most important news programs ever produced by that network.

As the decade closed, the television industry was hit again with the quiz show scandals.

The ,000 Question, made its debut in 1955 and within a month had turned television on its ear.

The opportunity to see everyday people win enormous cash prizes pushed that show past I Love Lucy and Ed Sullivan to become number one in the ratings. It wasn't until Charles Van Doren won 9,000 on Twenty-One, defeating Herbert Stempel, that the machinations behind quiz shows were exposed.

This historic breakthrough catapulted him into a decades-long patent battle against major corporations, including RCA and CBS.