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As for Mc Guire Army and Navy store their pricing was reasonable and I received my boots with very little wait time. These boots are very warm and my feet never get cold in them.I would do business with them in the future and recommend them to others Great product! I hunt during all seasons and they are they ideal boot for that purpose! First of all, the sizes are not off as many reviewers have pointed out.

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Highly suggested for storing flammable objects, but not large ammounts live rounds in a home environment. The military OD chin strap does feel a little more comfortable but I decided to use the one in the kit because it was black.

Also a great case to build a ermgency pack out of in case you get stuck in your car, office, camping, or at home. I think the box it shipped in weighs twice as much as the poncho liner. All in all I am very pleased with the product and the shipping was right on schedule.

The carrier was brand new and was not faded or torn. When looking for a good pair of WWII boots for reenacting or everyday use at literally 5 times less than other sites that sell the same boot (like At The Front, WWII Impressions, etc) look no further and buy them here.

Now I need to get new woodland pouches since those are faded and worn. I've used Altima boots for decades and they produce a comfortable and long lasting boot at a reasonable price. Again while they need to be broken in and dubbed, they were a steal and am looking forward to using them for reenactments and everyday use. I'm glad that I read the previous reviews and got a size smaller.

The gore-tex shell kicks butt, the bags are the best qauality out there. I was skeptical that since these boots were a size bigger and width smaller than I usually buy, they would not fit me, but I was wrong (which is good).

This is the newest version, and it's what the military is currently purchasing FOR A REASON. 2 different size compression stuff sacks, so you can use the smaller one if you only want to take the bivy and patrol bags. The actual quality of the boots are fair if not overall pretty good and I just dubbed them for a WWII reenactment in a few weeks.

Yes, you can buy ultra-lightweight bags, but judging by the ones I've tried, you might just as well take a bedsheet instead and save a wad of cash. I was really surprised about the price and overall quality of the boots since they were about 30 dollars overall (boots 25 and 5 dollars shipping) and came in 3 days.

This thing is warm, comfortable, and waterproof Brand of carrier was Specialt Defense Systems (not point blank, not a problem). For 30 dollars they are a steal and am thinking about picking up another pair down the line.

The Poo Powder contained in each kit absorbs all liquid waste and biosolids, turning them into a gel.

Adding extra Poo Powder with each elimination can get up to 4 additional uses for each Waste Kit (depending on the size of your deposits)--reducing cost.

Granted, I did throw on some extra layers because the bag only supports around 41 degrees comfortably. Probably the most versatile piece of gear I was ever issued over a 20 career. and for some reason have to have a safety toed boot.