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Season 6Like season 4, season 6 is essentially Noel-free.That makes sense, considering the whole season led up to Ce Ce's "answers" that have already proven to be mainly lies.They spent a large amount of time tracking down all of the Rosewood residents who had the ominous stamps that gain you admission to a Kahn party, and the guest list was full of "A" suspects: Ce Ce, Jenna, Mona, Mike, Melissa (Torrey De Vitto), and Holden (Shane Coffey).

They also found a flash drive with evidence of him tormenting them, showing he was involved with "A" all along.He was clearly friends with Ce Ce, and to really bring it back to the beginning of this twisted story line, his dad was the judge who presided over the adoption of Ce Ce's secret sibling. Or is he just aware of and helping that sibling because of his dad's occupation?Bridges played Sydney Driscoll in season five of the drama, which also stars Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Janel Parrish, Ian Harding, Holly Marie Combs, and Chad Lowe.Bridges isn’t the only character to return for season seven.Season 4The series' fourth season is rather Noel-free. For reasons we may never know, Ali reached out to Noel and trusted him over her friends to rescue her.

He was the one who helped the Liars reunite with Ali and finally learn some of the truth from the night she went missing.I will admit, I was actually shocked to realize he could be that evil.I always thought he was part of the "A" team — but somewhere on the periphery.However, Noel failed to show up, and "A" ended up being the one to scare the girls instead. Noel just conveniently doesn't show up, and "A" takes his place? Instead, he started dating Mona (Janel Parrish), who was later revealed to the be original "A." Then he broke her heart to date Jenna (Tammin Sursok), who we know helped Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) once she stole the "A" game. Season 3This season begins with one focus — who killed Maya (Bianca Lawson)?Noel stood out as a main suspect because the girls learned that he was texting with her up until her death, that Maya went to secret parties at his house, and that she was at Noel's house the night she died.All the Liars, but particularly Hanna, were convinced he was "A." He was eventually suspended for cheating on exams because of "A's" games, so everyone's suspicions that Noel is "A" pretty much went away.