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Be sure to get the kits used to clean 22-caliber rifles as these will have the extensions needed for your longer borers.

: Have trouble keeping the latch hooked on your increment borer?

This version of our tree ring simulation replaces an earlier version that used the Flash plugin.If you need to reference that earlier version, click here.Otherwise, your cores will be ragged and will be prone to jamming up inside your borer! If so, then your borer needs (1) sharpening, (2) cleaning, or (3) both!Always make sure you head to the field with a sharp borer.This is smoother, and makes it easier to insert and remove the cores. ) : Tired of the latch coming loose on the handle of your increment borer when it's supposed to clip onto the borer shaft?

Head to an auto parts store and purchase several small e-clips, also called snap ring circlips.

We will 'retire' the Flash-based version sometime in the coming months.

Broken or decayed cores and be difficult to get into a sample straw.

Often when backing the borer out of a tree, the latch can come loose, causing the handle to come off.

Go to the hardware store and buy some 0.5 inch rubber O-rings used in sink faucets.

At the end of each day, you should clean your borer with a gun cleaning kit and lots of lubricant.