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Edit Stephanie Mc Mahon has a huge salary from WWE. In 2016, her net worth is calculated to be 25 million Dollars.

Her father Vince Mc Mahon net worth is 1.18 billion Dollars and her mother Linda Mac Mahon net worth is 500 millionn Dollars.

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His relationship with Stephanie has caused much controversy and criticism.Cynical fans claim Triple H used his position as the boss’ son-in-law to keep his spot at the top of the card — often at the expense of other superstars. He’s a multi-time world champion, has won the Royal Rumble twice and headlined Wrestle Mania on seven occasions.He’s also one of the company’s biggest players backstage and heir to Vince Mc Mahon’s WWE empire.Though Stephanie is the rightful heir, fans know that Triple H will be the real driving force behind the WWE’s future when Vince eventually steps down as chairman. Triple H has been the brains behind WWE’s developmental brand and its state-of-the-art Performance Center training facility.

The success of both is proof of Triple H’s savvy mind for wrestling and eye for talent.

We take a look back at how Triple H rose to become the second-most powerful man in wrestling.

Real name Paul Levesque, Triple H trained under old-school legend Killer Kowalski and began wrestling in 1992.

Edit In 2000, Stephanie began dating Paul Levasque, known as Triple H.

After then they got engaged in 2003 and got married in the same year on October 25, 2003.

He had a brief tenure in WCW under the name Terra Ryzing — the highlight of which was his ridiculous blond mullet — and later as French snob Jean-Paul Levesque.