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Just how often you want Tiny Twitter to fetch updates.

Not that this choice actually seems to do anything.

I haven’t experimented enough to see if this is an artifact of my overall Blackberry settings (I tend to use a pretty small font) or just something goofy about Tiny Twitter, but I can live with it.

In the UI Settings you can turn on/off images, tell Tiny Twitter to play a sound when you get a new direct message, and disable the last tweet ticker at the bottom of the main screen.

Under Sync Settings, there are similarly few choices.

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Ivan Basso always strikes me as this happy, go lucky, cute little cyclist in the peleton. Is it little wonder the tenacity and persistence with which the Italian bombs out 140 character status updates on Its everywhere! The bottom line of it all is pretty simple : From the time you take a shit in the morning, to the moment you crank out the final belch from your dinner before bedtime, you're required to shamelessly self promote yourself on Web 2.0 in real time. Whatever happened to 'personal affairs', 'privacy', and 'minding your own business' !

When this guy wants to do something serious, he'll go at it 100%.

This one seems to have gotten almost everything right. It shows them in reverse chronological order (newest at the top) with their respective icons and it shows the whole tweet.