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As a conclusion one might say that the high divorce-rates in Ukraine isn't just the fault of the men, because the women are just as bad.

I also met many foregin students (mainly African and Arab) who cheated on their Ukrainian girlfriends all the time, but for some reason the girls ignored it and let it go.It seemed as if they had a large acceptance of infedelity, but only because they were doing the same thing themselves.I have met many female foreigners from all over the world and I find generally the famales I have met have carried themselves well and live up to their morals and integerity.Unfortunately I have not come in contact with any Ukrainain females while being abroad or even in my country Malaysia and it I just find it hard to believe but the general impression about Ukrainian females I am afraid has been the same as yours.But the main surprise to me was is how the Ukrainian women regard infedelity.

I can't count the times I went out with girls who wanted a little on the side even though they were married or allready had boyfriend(s).

It seems it's standard procedure for the boss to take the female applicant out for dinner and **** her before he decides if she's good for the job or not.

The gender roles are very obvious in all sences and the Ukrainian girls dress really sexy only because they use their bodies as a way of getting around in the society.

The impression I get from both of you is that there seemed to be a high incidence of adultery in Ukraine compared to any other countries and the women in Ukraine seemed to have very poor morals.

Besides Allaturca who is from Turkey further adds that there are alot of Ukrainian females in Turkey involved in prostitution.

I came to Ukraine thinking that the Ukrainian women are hard-working, educated and conservative house-wifes at the same time as the men are drunks who cheat all the time and leave their wifes alone with the kid(s) at the age of 25.