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I think the other part of it was that I'm very accustomed to my characters' looks after having played them for ten years.

The game automatically 'translates' your characters' old features into the new model and the result isn't always flattering.

One of the first things that I noticed is that female human faces look a bit chubby after the update. Do beware of the "creeper look" as shown by Aikanar (1), though (my boyfriend is going to kill me when he reads this!

I get what the developers were going for, but it looks a bit odd.

Although I have been critical in this article about some details, I generally feel the character update is a huge upgrade and a great addition to the game for LOTRO players.

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Community Manager Cordovan posted on the forums about some upcoming downtime The LOTRO game worlds will be unavailable from AM – AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on Sunday, October 15th for a hotfix.

It has been a busy few days in SSG and here on our website. First, we reacted to Cordovans first announcement to the mistake that has happened.

Then, with a great community effort, we announced the different solution that SSG has come up with.

I do like Eleril's semi melancholic gaze, though, and Thorfaer nails the grizzled ranger look.

Changes that I haven't covered here but do want to quickly mention are some extra character customization options at the barber and character animations.

Lord of the Rings Online's recent Mordor expansion didn't just add a good chunk of depressing landscape architecture to the virtual world, it also introduced something for all residents: a character overhaul.

Okay - correction - it only adds something for players that own Elven and human characters; hobbits and dwarves will follow in the future.

Thank you for your patience, and we will see you in the game soon.