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I’ve been waiting for the sun to come out so I could take good “after” pictures to show you just how amazing the transformation of our PINK bathtub is!I’m going to show you how to update an ugly bathtub for less than , yes, that’s right, These pictures are for real, I am not making this up.I also had to find tile that would look good with the existing ceramic tile on the floor of the bathroom since that was staying.

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I know it seems crazy to add something like this to a home since we won’t get to enjoy it, but it will help the house sell quicker and for a better price.

UPDATE: We sold our house in 10 days so doing the makeover paid off for us.

Here is the AFTER It came out better than I imagined and without the molded fiberglass shower insert taking up space, the stall is bigger and easier to move around in now.

With the pretty new tile, I now have to clean up the grout on the floor. you update one thing and then everything around it all of a sudden doesn’t look so good.

A marble shelf in the corner to hold bottles of shampoo and a shiny new faucet handle are the finishing touches.

Nothing too expensive or fancy, but enough for a nice update for the shower. I just love the way the pebbles look and feel on my feet.

Visit your local, licensed full service glass and window company for great ideas.

I told you that I was going to share something big with you today and here it is… We gutted our master bath shower to update it in preparation for selling the house. But it was in our best interest to update the master bath shower so our home would be comparable to other homes like it that are for sale in the area when it goes on the market.

Isn’t it amazing how much brighter the room is now!?

THANK YOU Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Transformation!!!

When we vacationed in Mexico, the shower in our room had a pebbled tile floor that I loved.