Updating your motherboard and cpu

These two vital parts of your PC are inextricably linked and form the basis for your gaming rig.

They provide the brains of your machine and the interconnects to allow everything else—from GPU to SSD to memory—to actually talk to each other.

That goes both ways; if your processor does need upgrading, there’s a pretty high possibility you’re going to need to replace your motherboard too. For a lot of modern games, your CPU won't be the bottleneck.

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To get a bead on the usage of both GPU and CPU, download and install an application called HWMonitor.

It might look a little complicated with all the expanded sections, but click on the minus icon to minimise each of the unwanted data sets until you’re left with the Utilizations for both your GPU and CPU.

If either your CPU or GPU are running at their 100% maximums, or dangerously close to, then you know you’ve found your bottleneck.

The likely scenario for a modern 3D game is that your GPU will be the one doing the heavy-lifting.

Expensive…Let’s assume for the moment you’ve found your CPU is holding back the performance of your GPU. Well, you need to know what specifically is holding back your chip—is it simply too slow, or does it not have the required multi-threading performance?

With the previous game still running you can have a quick check.Conclusion: you shouldn't update your BIOS If it don't solve a problem or improve stability for your specific build as its unescessary.Though there's nothing that threaten you from doing so.It's a giant list, so search for your motherboard model by name to jump to it. Download the free utility CPU-Z to find out, or just boot into your BIOS, where you'll want to do the update, anyway.If you're already running Windows 8, Windows 10 will likely work just fine on your system without a BIOS update. We've already told you how to prepare your PC for Windows 10, and Windows will help you update your components to the latest drivers once you've made the upgrade.