Updating your range rover navigation system

All the parts are plug and play compatible due to being manufactured for the BMW X5 which uses the same nav computer. Insert a "radio removal tool" into the 4 holes on the navigation computer. Make sure the light on the DVD drive is off before disconnecting the power wires. As of this writing (March 2007) the latest map for North America is called Version 2007.2 and is currently listed for 9.

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In this mode only the major steeet mnames are usuall shown -- it is not intended for detailed desination finding but giveds you a better oveview of where you are. The "Destinations " feature allows searching using partial names and searching perimeters.(Selecting General Destinations brings up the standard searches.In the corporation information provided, you can even look up a customer's phone number.You can always go back to the standard way of finding restaurants etc just by scrolling through all of the options at the current location.includes station and song information provided from your Sirius receiver.

For this to work,you must add the new style trunk mount radio.

Input in an address and the MKIV immediately maps it's location and directions.

One user wanted to test how much faster it was in mapping a destination so he entered a destination 2000 miles away.

DVD Maps for Europe or North America: The BMW MKIV Navigation computer uses DVDROM technology allowing Navtech to put all of Europe, or all of the US and Canada on one map.

No more need for swapping out CDs when you go from state to state or country to country. Since Land Rover has decided not to provide any updates for the CD maps used on 20 models, upgrading to the Mk IV allows owners to update their maps.

Choosing Travel Information provides the new features).