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The main shopping center in Vitória is the Shopping Vitória, featuring over 400 shops, a large food court and a cineplex.There is also the Shopping Norte Sul, with 99 stores, the Shopping Centro da Praia, Shopping Boulevard, among others.

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Vila Nova do Espírito Santo, as it was called, was founded on September 8, 1551 and later renamed Vitória in memory of the victory in a great battle led by the holder of the captaincy, Vasco Fernandes Coutinho, against Goytacaz Amerindians.

Until the last century, the limits of the current capital of Espírito Santo were Fort São João, where is currently located the Club de Regatas Saldanha da Gama, near the city center, and the hill where sits the actual Santa Casa de Misericórdia hospital, in Vila Rubim.

Vitória is the second Brazilian capital with the best quality of life, according to research at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation.

This same research institution also claims that Vitória is the 9th best city in Brazil to work.

Vila Velha, which was the capital of Brazilian Espírito Santo captaincy, found itself in constant attacks from the Tupi-Guarani-speaking and possibly some Macro-Jê-speaking indigenous peoples, the French and the Dutch.

The Portuguese then decided to move away the capital and chose an island near the mainland, called by some of the native peoples Guanaani Island., Victory), spelled Victória until the 1940s, is the capital of the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. In addition to the main island, Vitória, are part of the municipality another 34 islands and a mainland portion, a total of 93.381 square kilometres (36.05 square miles).It is located on a small island within a bay where a few rivers meet the sea. The city proper 93 square kilometres (36 square miles) has a population of 358,875 (2015) whilst the Greater Vitória metropolitan area has a population of more than 1,857,616 (2013), the 14th largest in Brazil. Originally there were 50 islands, many of which were added through landfill to the largest island.It was considered the 4th best city to live in Brazil by United Nations in 2013 (behind São Caetano do Sul, Águas de São Pedro and Florianópolis) and the highest gross domestic product per capita.The city has two major ports: the Port of Vitória and the Port of Tubarão.Another contributing factor is that the level of rainfall in the city is lesser than Espírito Santo's average as a whole, by about 350 millimetres (13.8 in).