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VLC2VCam can automatically sync video/audios between VLC and VCam.

New requirements for offering interruptible capacity and new auction dates and rules for long-term capacity products are also introduced.

As the first CAM-Regulation the amended network code was developed through a process of extensive dialogue with market participants, through stakeholder joint working sessions, technical workshops and a number of consultations.

After the first version of the Regulation on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms of 2012 has been in force for several years, on 17 March 2017 the amended CAM network code was published in the Official journal of EU.

The ammended CAM network code entered into force as Regulation (EC) 2017/459 on 6 April 2017 and repealed the previous Regulation (EC) 984/2013.

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All Donations are considered Gifts and are Non Refundable. Record videos from any webcams, digital video cameras and save video as AVI, MP4, WMV file format. Audio can be recorded from microphone, line-in, or speakers.VLC2VCam is a VLC Plugin to turn VLC player to a VCam(virtual webcam).VLC2VCam is a software bridge to redirect VLC video to VCam broadcasting.You can add it to your computer and use it as a real camera.The content of VCam is completely customizable, you can set video files, screen, real webcam, IP Cam, TV cards, and even VLC Player as its output.VLC Player has a framework that plays most multimedia video as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, RTSP, MMS and other various streaming protocols.