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You guys have built an interesting career for yourselves—you seem to operate at the intersection of journalism and activism and advocacy. ​ASHLAN: I saw this as a way to bring people on these adventures with us.I know that not many people can go to the Marshall Islands.

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Entertainment journalist Ashlan Gorse had absolutely no expectation that attending a talk about the BP Oil Spill would result in her meeting her future husband.

"In fact," she says, "I really didn't want to go!

I want to bring that to storytelling—to make saving the world sexy. PHILIPPE: I think after people watch this film, they will hopefully come away thinking that was a cool story—but also really important. Your parents spent a good deal out on the ocean filming expeditions. How do you get millennials—anyone, really—to care about the environment?

At the end of the day, this is the legacy of my family. ​ASHLAN: We really wanted to set up this show up for young people. If I can inspire a little girl by seeing me tag a shark, that’s amazing.

Philippe and his wife, Ashlan Gorse Cousteau, a former entertainment reporter on the E!

network, are trying to bring attention to the myriad environmental struggles plaguing the oceans today.) , here are some self-esteem builders: Top 10 Confidence Boosters: 1. One book fan in Los Angeles told me, “You’ve given me so much more confidence about dating.Recognize that you are a Hot Ticket – Start believing that you deserve only the best! Pamper Yourself – Take care of your body with makeovers, nails, new hair, and new styles – ask your friends for tips that will make you feel better about you. Treat Yourself Better – Are you eating, sleeping and exercising enough? Surround Yourself with Positive People – Find friends who are cheerleaders and make you feel good inside. You got me to practice and now I found a great guy who just gets me.” You can beam with confidence too like Precious at the end of this movie. Be bold and start making smarter choices in partners, jobs and life in general. is heir to the most famous underwater explorer family on earth.His grandfather, Jacques, was the leading ocean explorer for much of the 20th century, a vociferous conservationist, deep-water documentarian, and an inventor of SCUBA tech.Also, we really wanted young girls to see this and think that being in science and technology can be fun. PHILIPPE: Everybody aspires to Hollywood and the red carpet these days. But she also goes on wacky adventures and dissects tuna and goes through its guts on camera and lives on a shrimp boat for two weeks with 15 men and one toilet. There are other other people to look up to aside from them.