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He also did a fine job in the post-season, and after struggling in the ALDS against the Yankees, he hit .345 in the ALCS and World Series.

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When Curtis Granderson was on the DL to start the regular season, Inge started in center for the Tigers on Opening Day.All seemed well, but once Curtis returned, Inge sat again, until Cabrera was moved to first base. At the age of 31, he hit just .205 while posting a slugging percentage below .380 for the second straight season.Brandon Inge had never seen a crowd like that before.He was sitting on a stage outside the Big Cat Court at Comerica Park on Saturday and Tigers fans of all ages, many wearing his name on their backs, were standing 10 people deep as he recollected on stories of his career.“That was unbelievable,” Inge said.Then, in February of 2004, the Tigers made a splash by signing free agent All-Star Ivan Rodriguez.

Unquestionably the best defensive catcher in baseball, Pudge ignored the fact that the Tigers had lost 119 games the previous season and inked a four-year, million deal to play in Detroit.He chose the later, swallowed his pride, and went down to Toledo where he spent a month working on his swing. Forget: The disappointment of 2008, decline of his skills, fat contracts Brandon had a poor 2007 season, but in 2008 there were great expectations for the Tigers.On August 20 he was called back up, a little more humbled and talking about how he had refound his love for the game. In his first game back he hit a home run in his first at-bat, off David Huff of the Indians, as the Tigers rollicked to a 10-1 victory. The team had added Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis in a trade with the Marlins, and signed free agent slugger Gary Sheffield.“[I know Pudge] has that reputation [as a great defensive catcher] but I think I’m the best catcher in the game, that’s how I look at myself.” Manager Alan Trammell used Inge as a super-sub in ’04: primarily at third, catcher, and center field. Remember: The welcome back homer On July 19, 2011, Inge was batting .177 with one home run.Leyland had taken to pinch-hitting for him in tough situations.“First of all, I’m a nobody when it comes to big names. I played as hard as I possibly could and maybe that resonated with some people, maybe that’s why, but I can tell you right now, that was flattering. I didn’t expect that kind of reaction.“It was surreal.