Who is farnsworth bentley dating

They gave birth in Los Angeles yesterday (August 29) right after Fergie at the St. Diddy’s former personal valet and assistant revealed to how his wife is a trooper.“[She] pushed for 4 1/2 hours, all without pain meds. Follow Fonzworth Bentley on Twitter, if you aren't already.

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Barber was a video clip director, he cut his teeth on three minute commercials for bands like Outkast, and he's got the polish down so tight it's almost part of the celluloid. Sometimes there is so much happening on screen that you eyes overload and your brain shuts down. But the music - that snaky (perfectly used) synth bass line, that flapping guitar work, the sugary gut punch of the horns - pulls you back into the film like a musical whirlpool.

Things are looking better for Fonzworth Bentley with each new release, which C.

that night.” The proud father continued, “Faune said, ‘this is how we do it.

I want to be home with my baby.'” Congratulations to the Watkins and their new addition.

The only other assistants that I can think of instantly is Angela Beyince (personal assistant to Beyonce) and Ca Cee Cobb (former personal assistant to Jessica Simpson). Diddy once said that after you work for him, you can get a job pretty much anywhere because he demands perfection! Fonzworth, along with his boo, Fuane Chambers (cutie pie from ) on the red carpet at the BET Awards, and as always, he was very well put together.

After watching several of Diddy’s reality shows, I can honestly say that I agree with him in the sense that if you can work for him for a substantial amount of time, you are in there!!! Sean Combs’ personal assistant.” The media labeled him as Diddy’s umbrella carrier. He worked that title for all that he could and worked it well! It was hotter than Hades out there, but he managed to get down the never ending sea of red carpet and into the well air conditioned building without passing out in his long sleeves and bowtie. In between takes, every media person there had to get retouched, respritzed, redone, you name it…was just that HOT! Bentley lately, but you know how it is in Hollywood, just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything.When I hear the name Fonzworth Bentley, a few adjectives come to mind instantly: go-getter, determined, driven, creative…just to name a few.Fonzworth first made a name for himself within the public eye while serving as Sean Combs’ personal valet and assistant, more specifically, Diddy’s umbrella carrier.He may in fact be one of the world’s most famous personal assistants to a celebrity.Normally, you don’t hear anything about the assistant.You don't need to have heard a single song by Outkast to appreciate Idlewild's brilliance.