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I know that there were some ups and downs but what she made Jake out to be is completely false.

We hung out all the time in New York, I always participated in his charity and did whatever I could to help him out.Being on the show and him talking about me and at one point even ignoring me and then voting me off...She didn't yell at me but she did make me feel uncomfortable a lot of times and she made Jake feel uncomfortable which made me uncomfortable.I wouldn't call her my friend by any means but I wouldn't call her my's so hurtful to even stay in that house when a friend for a year and a half is doing that to you."Have you reconciled now? I don't think we're going to be as close as we once were, but forgiveness is good."Who do you want to win?

"Graham has reached out to me a few times and apologized.

The bad blood between cast members on "Bachelor Pad" has spilled into real life ...

so says one of the losers who claims Graham Bunn punched him in the face at a nightclub this week.

, decided to play the game once more, but made the shock decision to voluntarily walk off the show this week after learning close friend Graham Bunn had shared her strategy on voting out Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi to Kasey himself.

Here's what she told reporters about her relationships with Graham, Jake, Vienna and Kasey now: Was it that one moment with Graham that made you want to leave or was it a combination of things that had built up? Being on the show last year and knowing what to expect, and then being on the show this year and not having one person being honest...

If I saw her I'd say hello but that's the extent of what her and I will ever be."Are we seeing a fair edit of Kasey and Vienna? I think sometimes when there is money involved people can forget that their bad personality traits come out a little more.