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While I admit that I was a little scared to say it, I did tell him that I am Muslim, and I got ordained so I can legally officiate marriages here in the State of Illinois.

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I just started intensive acting techniques classes here in Los Angeles in preparation for pilot season, so hopefully for me a series regular role in a dope ass television show would be next.

I will always be known as that timid little transsexual contestant on , so a change is happening.

I would say that they both go hand-in-hand with creating a character, then staying the character the entire time the cameras are on you.

I love acting because it will always be a challenge.

We are all human beings first, no one should be treated differently because of who they love or by living their lives authentically. I just want to find stability in the arts, and to enjoy what I’m doing.

Knowing that I can also take care of myself and family along the way – that is my dream.

Rihanna single handedly turned it with Fenty Beauty, let’s be honest.

Women are speaking up, enough is enough, everyone deserves to see themselves through TV, advertisements, and runways. The hustle, the struggle, the uncertainty of it all.

In this age of social media flexing, no one talks about how hard it is to really make it, then stay there.

Especially as a black transsexual woman or man, you have to constantly fight the odds for your dreams to manifest into something magical.

This arrogance will be met with the reality that the Lord suffers no rivals. Yet all those who get away with it in this world will surely face humiliation and justice in the next.