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I wanted to finish this review with a witty pun at the end like 'Driven to despair' or 'It will Drive you crazy', but I like to reserve my precocious comedy for classic movies, not this Drivel (get it!Fitness trainer/former marriage counselor Molly White (Pascale Hutton) runs Bridal Boot Camp classes combining fitness and yoga with pre-marital counseling exercises to brides and grooms before their big day.

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John Pyper-Ferguson plays the main baddy (Vic Madison), who seems to be the bastard son of James Woods and John Lennon?

And had previous roles in The Adventures of Brisco County Junior TV Series and Ski School.

The plot is another of these 'Kung Fu fighter' meets 'gangster rapper / ghetto boy / copper with attitude' buddy yarns.

There seems to be a contract clause in every non-American who wants to work in Hollywood that they have to work with a light comedy partner.

See for example Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Takeshi Kitano working with Isiah Washington, Chris Tucker and Omar Epps respectively.

This is a poor film about: revenge for my girlfriend's murder - super bionic fighter - hostage and kidnapper become partners and buddies - baddies very poor fighters - good guys always win.Julie Condra, born 1 December 1970 in Ballinger, Texas, and grown up in San Antonio, Texas, began acting at age 9 - she appeared in San Antonio television commercials. Julie was married to Brandon Douglas from 1992 to 1995, got divorced and married on 5 January 1998 to Mark Dacascos, the lead actor of Crying Freeman.She was a model at age 15, but when she moved to LA at 16, her mother acted as her agent, and soon she appeared resp. There have been rumors about a divorce and Julie dating Michigan Quarterback Brian Griese in 1999. Mark Dacascos' official website shows recent pictures of her and him. When: 1995 Complex says: The Hawaii-born Filipino/Irish/Japanese actor is a veritable "That Guy" from bad martial-arts movies, and this manga-based flick is no different.It's notable only because Dacascos gets it on with Condra, a.k.a.Brittany Murphy puts in possibly the most annoying role in the history of cinema as Deliverance and both James Shigeta and Masaya Kato (both later worked on Brother) put in unexceptional performances in this limp kung fu action flick.