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It is something very interesting for his fans and followers.

As a result, Holmes became massively popular and started to gain the title of a TV personality.

He also gained wide followers on his Twitter account and used to receive hundreds of messages daily.

Previously, the lack of affairs and girlfriends names had made people think whether he was a gay or not, but a father of three children, there is no doubt about his sexuality.

Today, the couple has been together for more than15 years and had three children; 2 daughters (Amanda, Sherry) and one son; Mike.

It was started out with a social cause to involve youth and work in the damaged sites, to provide shelter for affected people.

Amazingly, his work gained enormous popularity and support, and he was seen advocating the rights of building house standard in Canada’s House of Commons.

Furnace filters should be replaced once every three months, minimum. Here’s your reminder to change yours just as the season ramps up.

#Tip Tuesday A photo posted by Mike Holmes (@make_it_right) on The government had entitled him as "an accomplished master builder with a social conscience" and an "extraordinary craftsperson." He is a tall and well-built person, with a height of about 6 feet and an inch, and has got a very nicely shaped body, for a workman.

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The finale of #Holmes And Holmes airs TONIGHT at 10pm on @hgtvcanada. A photo posted by Mike Holmes (@make_it_right) on Let’s now talk about his love life.

It came about as more of accident than the result of conscious effort.