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Styron, according to his mentor Robert Penn Warren, had created the template for “a new kind of novel.” To Francine du Plessix Gray it was a spiritual landmark; in a handwritten note she told Styron, “I can only compare it to reading the Bible.” And the African-American author and journalist Alex Haley, excited by reading a newspaper interview with Styron, sent along these words of fellowship and gratitude: “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen captured so succinctly what I, too, feel are the essences of our ethnic condition, and the true motivations of the social tragedies recently.”. Antebellum slavery is on many minds—its sins and crimes, its irreducible impact, its consequences that divide us to this day, evident in the recent bloodshed in Ferguson and Baltimore, Dallas and Baton Rouge, and in the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Every week, it seems, another headline screams at us: the Confederate flags at last removed from southern statehouses after the mass murder of African-American churchgoers in Charleston; the Jesuit founders of Georgetown University who paid off their debts by sending slaves, including infants, to hellish plantations in the Deep South; the battles over John C.

Even though seeing Alfie and Zoella, Felix and Marzia or Jim and Tanya have their own You Tube channel and cross-collaborate is an exciting thing, nothing makes us happier than You Tubers finding love in the real world - like Gigi Gorgeous just has with Nats Getty!

Whilst not much is known about Nats right now, judging that she doesn't have her life as an open book like most You Tubers, some details can be found about the billionaire dollar oil heiress and androgynous model.

Its star, director, and screenwriter, Nate Parker, is an African-American who grew up in Virginia, as did Turner and Styron.

(At 36, Parker is one year older than Styron was when he began work on his novel in 1960.) And in some respects the movie fulfills Styron’s original ambitions. “[His] reimagining [of Turner] played directly into white America’s fear and anxieties surrounding the intention and potential of the contemporary Black male.”But this harsh judgment rests on an ineradicable truth.Parker, who spent years researching Turner’s life and times, is dismissive of Styron’s effort, echoing many back in the 60s. It was William Styron—the product of what he wryly termed an “absolutely impeccable WASP background”—who dug up the buried nugget of Nat Turner’s rebellion and polished it into a modern parable.“Styron’s novel ignited a much-deserved criticism as he annihilated Turner’s character. This was the reason for its initial praise—from black readers as well as white.During a performance, he even hinted that his song "Greatest Prize" was dedicated to her. Of course, it wasn't clear whether the two are just good friends, especially since they have a few mutual pals, or if there's anything more going on. We'll be curious to see what happens in the future.This is a blog post about his recent experiences in...