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I'll take it, put my head up and walk out, with friendship.”Despite two losses, the 24-year-old rocker says he’d head back into the house for a third time immediately.“Look, I put 191 days into this house,” he notes. “He's like, ‘This is my girlfriend.’ I'm like, shut up, Victor. I'm into it.”Fore more on Victor and Nicole’s romance, check out the video below.

“Over six months of my life has been lived inside the Big Brother house. What's up, Nic -- and then they kissed and I was like...

Nicole and Eddie’s children are all grown up now and look as attractive as their parents.

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She applied for the show as a self-proclaimed 'super-fan.' During her season, she earned a reputation for being a potential competition threat, winning the Head of Household role three times in Weeks 3, 6 and 7 (although due to the rules of the Battle of the Block competition, she was dethroned on two of these reigns when her nominees won safety).

She also won safety from eviction in Weeks two and five courtesy of the Battle of the Block competition.

But she has said that she is dating him and it is nothing more than a casual date.

However, it would be a great decision for Murphy if she actually falls in love with this amazing man.

This duo broke their engagement because Murphy caught Strahan cheating on her red-handed.

Despite the past, Nicole said: ' We will always be friends.' Murphy is not an unmarried woman. I don't know what they expected me to do, just roll over and give them the game?Paul says he was most surprised by former allies Alex Ow and Jason Dent’s votes go to Josh, as well as sworn enemy Cody Nickson’s vote.“I didn't think there would be anything on planet Earth sitting next to Josh that Cody would vote for,” he jokes. If they didn't want to vote for me, that's on them. Just to keep the ongoing joke running, I just want to win second place forever.Ward is an excellent stuntman, who has appeared in many movies such as ‘Insurgent’, ‘Vigilante’, ‘The Take Over’, etc.They not only make a perfect pair but they also actually seem like they are made for each other.If he can keep her this happy now, then there is a high possibility that he can keep her happy forever.