Who is rosa acosta dating

The series chronicles their marital struggles, including their relationships with their mothers, Pam and Lyrica Garrett, who constantly interfere in their lives. Jones, birth name April Jones, is a singer, songwriter and backing vocalist of mixed Taiwanese and African-American ethnicity.

“I love her very much,” Acosta said when Parker and co-star Jason Lee asked her if she dated her.

“We’re still very good friends.” So when did the two date?

“I know that when the viewers see this sometimes they are skeptical,” Nikki acknowledged.

“They think, ‘Oh, is this a fake story line,’ or whatever, but one thing I will absolutely say is my feelings for Rosa are very real.” So far this season, Rosa not appeared in Nikki’s Instagram or Twitter feeds, and Safaree’s influence has been minimal.

Her ongoing feud with Ray's ex-girlfriend Teairra fuels several storylines. Cole previously starred in the BET reality shows Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, Keyshia & Daniel: Family First and Keyshia Cole: All In.

The series chronicles her return to the music industry, along with her struggles with ex-husband Daniel "Booby" Gibson, with who she shares a son, Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. Anderson married A1 during filming in 2016 and their wedding is featured on the show's third season.The series chronicles his turbulent relationship with model Princess Love, who he marries in the third season's finale.The first season focuses on his anger management problems and legal issues, including his 2014 arrest for vandalism and resisting arrest. Mudarris, full name Nicole Mudarris and also known as Miss Nikki Baby, is of Moroccan and Lebanese descent.She gained fame at the age of 17 when she signed to Def Jam Recordings under the mentorship of Jay Z.The series chronicles her attempts to revive her music career after a series of personal struggles.Acosta discussed her relationship with Rose in this 2013 Vlad TV interview as well, revealing that some of what the press captured on film was actually just “for show,” as in, for a reality show Amber was filming at the time, but they didn’t take the relationship any further.