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The band, according to Followill, was anything but premeditated."It was super spur-of-the-moment," he says.

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He called for urgent updated guidance on how the ­powers should be used.A Border Force spokesman said: ‘The searching of baggage, ­including when the owner is not present, is a legal and proportionate response to ensuring illegal goods are prevented from entering the UK and ­protecting revenue.’Fly to the U. and the chance of your luggage being searched is far higher, something ­regular ­visitors will know.‘They’d just open up the suitcases, rifle through them and pocket valuables.’But that is scant consolation for unlucky passengers such as Mr ­Sampson, who have had their bags opened and their possessions ­stolen.Especially as, in Mr ­Sampson’s case, Ryanair will not accept responsibility for what ­happened to his luggage.He's performed alongside Jake Pitts in Black Veil Brides.

Jared Followill figures he's been touring virtually nonstop since the age of 15.(Though there is no national figure collated by the Home Office, experts say the number of bags searched across all British airports could run to five ­figures annually).Mr Vine said it was a ‘cause for concern’ that there was no staff guidance on what to do when ­sensitive personal material was ­discovered.While they will be familiar with the tiresome checks and searches they and their hand luggage are subjected to, travellers are generally so relieved to get rid of their suitcases that they don’t give another thought to what happens to them after they are checked in.But the reality is that this is just the start of a long, complicated and ultimately risky journey for the bag and its contents.Last month, a police ­operation at Los Angeles ­Airport busted what is thought to be one of the biggest property heists in airport history.