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However, people in the online dating community need to use common sense when handling such instances.

It is pointless to send money to someone you have never met physically – just virtual meeting through dating site.

It’s up to you whether you want to keep stringing her along or whether you want to focus on a woman who’s less about the money and more about having fun, carefree sex.

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They may also say something terrible has happened to them, and they need money to go back home.Such people should be avoided; otherwise, you will be conned your money.If it turns out that she’s seeking that kind of arrangement, it’s on you to decide whether you want to get into that or not.The issues of online dating scams are increasingly becoming common in daily news and social media.1) She could be genuinely curious for the sake of conversation or 2) She thinks you’d make a good sugar daddy and she’s sounding you out for that reason.

If you’re not sure which of the two applies to her, you’re probably going to have to ask.However, some of them are strictly about living as lavish a lifestyle as they possibly can and they want a man who’s going to be able to give them that.If she constantly emphasizes how she thinks it’s a man’s job to spoil the woman and how much she enjoys being pampered, she’s throwing some very unsubtle hints in your direction.Still, unless you know what you’re looking for you might not expect it.If you’re on a date with a woman and she asks you if you’d ever consider an arrangement where you gave a woman a monthly sum of money in exchange for companionship, it could be one of two things.If she seems impressed by your threads, the car you drive, and the things you can afford, she’s probably considering whether or not you’d make her a great sugar daddy.