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This led to speculation that it was Confucius who had first coined it and that led to the confusion.

Confucius is no longer in a fit condition to shed light — he died in 479 BC — on whether he had said thousand or ten thousand words.

Your selective amnesia no doubt stops you from recalling that the so-called 1890 agreement was all about Sikkim and Tibet. Besides, Bhutan was never a party to it."Modi said, "To cut the long story short, and the short story to a paragraph, it's this.It all began in year 1126 when King Vikramaditya-VI summoned up a humongous army to march across the Narmada river, the northern India, the Himalayas and into China up to Heilongjiang to conquer the whole damned place.A day later, he revealed to reporters, like a messiah delivering celestial wisdom to his apostles, that the picture that went with his tweet itself "speaks more than a thousand words". Language aficionados say that it was the American magazine which had first used the expression "one look is worth a thousand words" in 1921, attributing it to a Japanese scholar.He was apparently referring to the smiles on the faces of Jinping and Modi. Six years later, the same magazine printed the line "one picture is worth ten thousand words" and said it was of Chinese origin.a Christian guy who likes spending most of his time on exercising on my free time m about 150cm -153 cm tall, a medium body size.

I want someone who is ready for a srs relationship.Both patients had to be extricated with the jaws of life.Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done for the one patient and he was declared dead on the scene by another medical service.KWAZULU NATAL, October 10– Several incidents including containers that fell from a truck onto a vehicle killing one person and a family being trapped in their home because of the heavy rainfall in various parts of Durban were keeping emergency medical services busy in Kwa Zulu-Natal on Tuesday, paramedics said.“An ambulance overturned leaving two medical crew injured along the N2 in Umgababa, two taxis collided in Magabeni and several other distress calls,” ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak said in a statement.The other patient was transported to hospital by another medical service on scene,” van Huyssteen said.